'90s Shoe Trends That Are Honestly Making a Comeback

The first episode of Sex and the City aired in June 1998, so you’d be forgiven if you thought shoes in the ’90s all came in almond-coloured Manolo Blahnik bags. Carrie Bradshaw may have found the answer to the Urban Shoe Myth—Manolo Blahnik Mary-Janes in “Authentic! Patent leather!”—but the rest of us found chunky-soled Kickers that looked like they’d fit right in on Skipper (remember him?) or Steve’s feet.

We also had white T-bar pumps in Clueless and stompy black lace-up boots in Empire Records, and depending on how you found that time for your own wardrobe, the fact that many of this epoch’s shoe trends are returning may fill you with joy or fear. Here’s how to wear the classic ’90s shoe trends now.