17 '90s Hair Accessories We Love Just as Much Today as We Did Back Then

I really do feel for anyone who didn't experience the '90s when it was actually happening. I say this because, with the current trends, it feels as if we're living in the '90s right now. While those with a minimalistic aesthetic did exist during that decade, what I loved most about growing up in the '90s was the fun we had with fashion. Cycling shorts were bright, prints were loud, logos were slapped on just about everything, and accessories—oh how they made an outfit. From bubble, blow-up rucksacks to running shoes, accessories were statement, and the more of them, the better. Still, perhaps no '90s accessory is as iconic as '90s hair accessories.

Before brushed-out waves came on the scene, most of us relied on punchy accessories to elevate our tresses. We added clips, we wore headscarves, we pushed our hair back with bands, and, yes, we owned scrunchies that matched every top in our wardrobes. Indeed, wearing a '90s hair accessory is a joyful thing, which is why we think they're making such a comeback right now. We've noticed a considerable number of influencers styling their 'dos with '90s hair accessories and making them look hella chic in the process. And so, we thought we'd get in on the throwback appeal with an edit of the best '90s hair accessories you can shop now. With everything from butterfly clips to comb hairbands, scroll on to see them, and get ready for the wave of nostalgia that's sure to wash over you.

90s Hair Accessories: @aysha.sow wears a hair scarf



Hair scarves were an integral part of the '90s-hair-accessory uniform. 

Hair beads in your tendrils? It doesn't get more '90s than that. 

90s Hair Accessories: @nnennaechem wears a padded headband



Headbands add the final pretty flourish to any outfit—a padded style being all the more authentic to the '90s. 

Scrunchies are all the rage now, but they were even more so in the 1990s. 


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