Challenging the Stigma: 9 Guys Defend Their Interest in Fashion

When the CFDA announced in early February that it would be launching a New York-based Men’s Fashion Week, the fashion world collectively wondered: What took so long? Steven Kolb, the CEO of the CFDA, explained their reasoning, saying, “American menswear has never been stronger or more creative.” He might be right about that, but stylish men have been around for ages, so it seemed strange that New York fashion was only now catching up.

Men and fashion have always had a complicated relationship—one that’s still often shunned by a large portion of society. Deemed frivolous or inherently feminine, many people are quick to write off guys who exhibit anything more than a middling interest in the clothes they wear. But here at Who What Wear, we love a well-dressed guy and believe that they, too, should be given the freedom to put thought into their wardrobes—sans all the usual stereotyping.

To find out what fashionable men think about all the negativity, and why they like fashion in general, we went straight to the source. Scroll down to read what 9 stylish guys had to say!