15 Trends These '80s Style Icons Predicted for 2018

The '80s were a time of experimental fashion, and that's never a bad thing—actually, quite the opposite. Thanks to this innovative approach, many a style icon was born during the decade. Although not every '80s look is something we'd go for today (no blue eye shadow for us, thanks), we've been wearing plenty of '80s-inspired trends throughout the past year. We spotted 15 '80s icons who predicted some key trends for 2018, be it a theme, a colour or an actual garment.




For starters, there's Cindy Crawford, who back in the '80s was already wearing vinyl trenches way before they were everywhere this year. Then there's Grace Jones and her oversized earrings, Prince in purple (aka the hue of the year) and Brooke Shields and her rainbow dresses decades before they became ultra-popular. Keep scrolling for our guide to '80s icons we still love today and the trends they predicted 30 years ago.