The 80/20 Wardrobe Solution Chic Women Swear By

If we’ve learned one thing from the queries and comments that we hear from you, dear reader, it’s that closet dissatisfaction is practically universal. Whether you feel as if you don’t have anything to wear, you don’t know how to put the items together that you do own, or you’re on too tight of a budget to have a complete wardrobe, there’s a common feeling of frustration that we want to help address.

The overarching solution is to approach your closet as a curator—which includes thinking about what you want your future wardrobe to look like, considering which items you really need, and defining your personal style—but these concepts can often feel vague, and you may be unsure where to start. What’s a girl to do? You may want to consider the 80/20 wardrobe plan. It’s a shopping-and-budget solution that lets you take control of your closet by thoughtfully crafting a wardrobe that is satisfying and inspiring.

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