8 Real Women on How Their Body Image Affects Their Style

The relationship between body image and style is a complicated one that’s not always pretty. Women today are so bombarded with a strict set of physical attributes considered to be ideal, that when we don’t match up it’s easy to feel inadequate. As a result, our style often gets put on the backburner—deemed unworthy of our attention if we’re not feeling great about what goes underneath. Although this can be an isolating experience—staring into the mirror, your clothes on the floor, feeling as if you have nothing to wear that looks “right”—it’s one that pretty much every woman can relate to. To prove it, I spoke to eight very different women about how body image has affected their style and one thing quickly became clear: though our specific insecurities may differ, we all have them.

Scroll down to find out what 8 real women had to say about how body image affects their style.