How 51 Cool Girls Are Doing Spring Style All Over Europe

As the mercury rises (okay, even a degree or two will do), so does our desire to step up the fashion game. Heavy winter coats are close to being archived (about bloody time), but jackets are still on hand because, well, it's not exactly the Costa del London out there. So when it's not entirely glacial and there's a chance of sunshine, we know you'll be feeling the same urgency to get going on the season's new trends in the most effortless way possible and head out for brunch/a drink/something cultural right away. That's why we trawled the Instagram feeds of our favourite European fashion lovers to bring you some realistic outfit action—no point in admiring the skimpy clothes our L.A. pals are wearing—so that this weekend can be a better-dressed one than the last.

Scroll through our top 51 fresh spring street style–inspired outfit ideas that will set you up for the months ahead.