5 of the Coolest Witches to Inspire Your Halloween Look

When it comes to fancy-dress Halloween parties, there's the obvious roster of celebrity-inspired costumes from zombies to generic witches. We're impressed when someone goes that little bit further and emulates a specific witch from the silver screen or from a cult film; cue our favourite go-getter witches from Morticia to Maleficent!

Quick tip: ASOS has some top picks for Halloween costumes and we're sizing up Saint Laurent's luxe accessories that'll look hot beyond this seasonal holiday. Smart? We think so. Scroll down to see the top five chicest witches of all time—plus, we've included shopping suggestions that will work in character and in real life!

Film/TV: Maleficent

Year: 2004

Character: Maleficent

Actress: Angelina Jolie

Style Signature: Two harrowing black horns, deep red lipstick, a black choker and long black robes. A well-trained crow may be a hard prop to pin down, so perhaps opt for a large staff.

Get the Look: ZSL Latex Maleficent Horns (£30); Yummy Bee Angel Fairy Wings (£13).

Film/TV: The Craft

Year: 1996

Character: Nancy Downs

Actress: Fairuza Balk

Style Signature: Oversized black jackets in leather and PVC, crucifix earrings, tight white shirts and micro-mini skirts. Short black pigtails, dark lipstick and heavily kohled eyes are a must. For a long-term investment choker, check out our pick from Saint Laurent.

Get the Look: Cosplay Mix Anime Wig (£10); ASOS Velvet Choker (£6).

Film/TV: The Witches of Eastwick

Year: 1987

Character: Alexandra Medford

Actress: Cher

Style Signature: Backcombed black curly hair, lattice body-con dresses and head-to-toe black sequins.

Get the Look: Smiffy's Black Ladies '70s Curly Wig (£13); Lavish Alice Sequinned Cape (£68).

Film/TV: Bewitched

Year: 1964

Character: Samantha Stephens

Actress: Elizabeth Montgomery

Style Signature: The opening credits depict Samantha on a broomstick with a classic witches hat and '60s shift dress. We’ll be impressed if you can pull off the famous nose twitch.

Get the Look: The Party Monster Ladies 60s Blonde Flick Up Wig (£18); Bristol Novelties Witches Broomstick (£3), and Witches Hat (£2).

Film/TV: The Addams Family

Year: 1964

Character: Morticia Addams

Actress: Carolyn Jones

Style Signature: Floor-length, figure-hugging black dress, porcelain complexion and long straight black hair.

Get the Look: Blue Planet Long Black Witches Wig and White Face Paint (£8).


Let us know who your favourite witch is from our top five in the comments below. Feeling inspired to shop? Check out 14 of the best LBDs for Halloween and beyond.