Who What Wear's 30-Day Winter Wardrobe Challenge

If you’re an avid Who What Wear reader, then you’re probably familiar with our 30-day wardrobe challenge. Here are some of our favorite participants from last year’s winter go-around. But if you’re new to the 30-day fashion thrill, let me explain how it works. In an effort to reboot your style, we’ve put together the challenges, and it’s up to you to participate and keep us posted along the way using the hashtag #WWWwinter30. From testing out a new outfit combination to adding a new shoe style to your collection, keep reading to check out our fourth wardrobe challenge!

Scroll down to participate and be sure to tag and challenge your friends as well!

Keep us posted during your 30 days of Who What Wear winter style by using the hashtag #WWWwinter30, and we just might repost our favorite look.