The 3 Types of Clothing that Make Big Bucks for Brands

While editors show up to fashion week with an eye towards the artistry of each collection, the retailers in attendance are more concerned with the purchasing potential of new designs. “What will really sell?” they wonder, and thus, “What is worth stocking our shelves with?” Answering that question has always come partially from past market research, and partially from gut-instinct, usually honed over years in the industry. But today we have easily accessible databases that are being constantly updated with the latest retail information. This includes everything from when new products are introduced, to if they’re selling, to when prices have been cut, and more.

Curious to know what might be gleaned from these records, a writer from WWD spoke to the retail tech company Editd about what types of clothing currently make the most money for brands. The common belief is that bags and shoes are most lucrative (people are more willing to invest in these items and tend to refresh them regularly), but it turns out that’s no longer the case. Instead, Editd cites outerwear, pants, and travel-inspired items as the three clothing categories that hold the most commercial promise.

And why might this be? The company believes that an increasingly casual customer prefers separates like pants over, say, dresses, and that the statement coat has simply become more iconic than the statement bag or shoe. As for the travel-wear hype, our globalized world requires more options for the uptick in inter-seasonal travel. It makes sense, if you think about it, and the contents of my personal wardrobe only seem to reinforce the findings.

Do the results apply to your wardrobe, too? Scroll down to see our favourite picks per category, just in case that closet of yours is wanting!