These Trends Used to Be "Dated," But They're Set to Be Big for 2023

Just when you think a trend may be gone for good, a buzzy designer or It girl will breathe new life into it. This statement stands strong as ever, as the current list of what's cool in fashion pulls from the '60s and the mid-2000s, and there's no solid prediction of what could come next. Fashion is cyclical, and it's only natural that things will come back in style. Even when I report on certain pieces being "out," I always remind the reader that it's up to them to decide what's worth keeping or tossing. And while I've grown familiar with the pattern of trends coming and going, a few items that came down the 2023 runways still took me by surprise.

In light of discussing 2023 fashion, I scoured the collections and identified a few trends I wasn't expecting to see in the cycle this year. Y2K is still keeping a strong hold on us with bootcut jeans in the Blumarine and Givenchy collections. (Gen Z has already shown its favouritism toward the style as well as baggy denim.) The '80s are also asserting influence, with metallic and polka-dots pieces leaning far away from their once "tacky" identities. I won't spoil it all right here, so you'll just have to keep scrolling to see the rest.

1. Polka Dots


Courtesy of Sergio Hudson

The print of choice for the fashion set as of late has been stripes, but designers such as Sergio Hudson and Proenza Schouler are making a strong case for polka dots. The print is iconic and can be done with taste, contrary to what the mid-2000s might have made us think. 

2. Metallics


Courtesy of Tory Burch

Metallics are no longer solely what you look for when picking an '80s costume or a New Year's Eve outfit. Yes, the formerly tacky trend is now beloved by the fashion set. Just take a quick scroll through the market and you'll see that modern metallic pieces will end up elevating your outfit instead of adding a costume-like touch.

3. Bootcut Jeans


Courtesy of Bluemarine

It seems like everyone is reaching for everything but skinny jeans these days. But if baggy or wide-leg styles aren't your cup of tea, bootcut may be the ideal silhouette for you. 

4. Leopard Print


Courtesy of Halpern

Animal print coming back in style is inevitable, but I did not predict leopard print to come back into popularity this quickly. (I still own my leopard-print items from college, so maybe I was holding onto hope after all.)

5. Wedges


Courtesy of Fendi

When trends come back around, they may still come with drastic differences. This is the case with wedges. Instead of being found only in cork or on beach-style sandals, wedge heels now offer a contemporary touch. Think leather boots, vinyl sandals, and strappy slingbacks.