I Haven't Shopped for 6 Months, and These Are the 7 Items I've Decided to Buy

You’d be surprised how hard it is to shop when it’s actually your job. Working in fashion, we’re constantly faced with exciting new trends, Insta-friendly accessories and dreamy dresses. I’m certainly not complaining, but it’s often the case that the more you see, the harder the decision becomes on what to actually buy. When you set your heart on something, another piece quickly catches your eye. I, for one, struggle with what trends are actually worth investing in, and it’s often why you see most of us fashion editors in the same pair of jeans, jumper and coat on repeat.

I’ve also been trying to be more conscious of my fashion consumption, taking out those spur-of-the-moment purchases where poor impulse decisions on fleeting trends are made and trying to only shop twice a year—one update in summer, one in winter. This, in turn, has lent itself towards buying fewer multi-functional items of better quality.

In summer, I bolstered my hot-weather wardrobe with a couple of floral dresses from the likes of Réalisation and Reformation that took me from wedding guest to honeymoon and back to London and the office. Winter has been a little harder, however, as it’s the season of layering separates, meaning endless options. So, here I am having not shopped (bar a festive dress and a black jumper) since May.

Having spent the last few months writing about everything from the biggest designer trends to cult influencer obsessions, though, I think I’ve finally figured out which items are worth investing in this winter. They are the capsule pieces that will fill the gaps in my current offering, work well together and help me get away with looking like I work in fashion. Keep scrolling to see the seven chosen items that will update your wardrobe now but are classic enough to stick around through 2020 and beyond.

Oversized Blazer:

Style Notes: The blazer has come to be an absolute can’t-live-without staple in any fashion girl's wardrobe. I have plenty of classic styles that I’ve worn to absolute death, and since seeing influencer Lindsey Holland in a black oversized number at a press event a few years ago, I’ve had them on my radar. The style is easy to slip into your current routine in place of your beloved checked blazer, but the oversize shape will add a surprisingly effective 2020 update.

Style Notes: Is it silly buying chunky boots as we move into spring? Maybe, but I decided that we live in the UK, so we’ve still got a long old time before sandals weather, and they also work really well with dresses, which is how I predict everyone will be dressing until it’s time for that one-week heatwave in August. 

Wandler Bag:

Wandler Bag: Lisa Aisken



Style Notes: This is a bag brand that has been on most fashion peoples’ radars for a while now. I’ve considered buying one of their bags for the last four seasons, but I get anxious when buying an investment bag, not knowing if it’s going to be a flash in the pan It style. Wandler is enough to feel like a special treat to yourself, but it’s also not so expensive that you can’t afford it on a good payday. Plus, I thought that if I’m still adding it to my Net-a-Porter wish list after so long, I won't regret it. Be quick and you can nab one in the sales. 


Sleeveless Knit:

Style Notes: To ease into spring, layering is key and I’ve been eyeing up sleeveless knits for a while now. They fit under blazers and coats without the stress of Michelin Man arms and can be thrown over any oxford shirt (blue is the colour of the moment) to give a considered update to your look. A zip collar will add extra 2020 style points.

Style Notes: This is less of a classic and more fashiony, but the shape has been around for a while now, and having recently tried on a couple of styles, I discovered they’re actually really flattering. The high street has majorly picked this trend up for 2020, and It brand Cecilie Bahnsen has shown how they can work across both seasons. I’ll wear with tights and boots now and with Teva-style sandals come spring. 

Colourful Separates:

Colour: Monikh



Style Notes: I don’t buy a lot of colour in winter usually, it has to be said. I’m a very seasonal dresser—minimal layers in the winter, maximalist Floridian prints in the summer. Lately, though, I’ve really been enjoying  the idea of adding one unexpected colourful item into a classic palette. Sage green, lilac, lemon yellow and tangerine, for example, all go really well with neutrals, and it’s an easy, accessible way to instantly update an outfit. You’ll brighten up grey days now, and come spring they’ll feel just as fresh.  

Tailored Trousers:

Tailored Trouser: Jessica Skye



Style Notes: I’m a jeans girl through and through, so when I saw tailored trousers popping up on Instagram all winter, I basically ignored them. That was until I recently tried a pair (in the name of research obviously) and realised how comfy they are (like a fancy pair of joggers I tell you) and how put together they made me feel at the same time. A tapered cropped style will always look chic with a flash of ankle and pair of Vejas, but for now, I’ve been tucking into the aforementioned chunky boots with an oversized blazer for that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley–inspired look. 

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