#TuesdayShoesday: 2016's Biggest Shoe Trend Is a Controversial One

It’s hard to recall a time before the ‘ugly shoe’ was a byword for the ‘most important shoe’. Just what did the super-fashionable people wear on their super-fashionable feet? It’s anyone’s guess. But one particular style, according to Vogue.com, will supersede all other belle laide counterparts this year: Meet the (deliciously enjoyable to pronounce) babouche. Vogue’s analysis of the fact that this contingent's leader, Phoebe Philo, could pretty much invent cling-film for your feet and the fashion brave would step in without question or hesitation is spot on.

This means that no matter what you think of the babouche’s flat-footed, pointed-toe, Jester-like trickery in this moment, the new alt choice from Céline will become a thing of great importance in no time. In fact, it already has. Philo kicked off the trend with Resort 16 (aka the collection that is in stores now), and moving on into Pre-Fall 16 (aka the clothes that hit shop shelves in the summer) plenty of designers have taken up the babouche baton.

Last year saw the backless loafer rise to prominence—Gucci's fur-lined versions have been street style catnip, Tibi’s kept selling like crazy and The Row have been staunch supporters of soft slip-ons for some time—so one foot has already been firmly placed into the trend; now it’s time to take the look that extra ugly stride forward. Some bloggers have already been trying out traditional Moroccan slippers for size.

Scroll down to check out Céline's in action and shop similar styles now…

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