How Many of 2016's Most Popular Trends Are in Your Closet?

Doesn't time fly when fashion's having fun? As the end of 2016 approaches, we're searching for newness: Looking ahead to spring/summer 2017 and all of the exciting things it has in store for your closets is currently our number one occupation. But there's no way of going forward without taking a little look back, as this year's biggest trends will undoubtedly shape the look of next year's. Whether acting as a catalyst for a 180 or simply segueing into a new, souped-up version of what's come before, the development of trends always leaves behind a visual timeline. So we're computing and analysing everything that's happened this year because, well, we're obsessive like that… and we've just received some very interesting inside data intel from the über-shopping search engine,

The year 2016 has been nothing if not a year of polarizing opposites: We've seen risqué moments rule (anyone recall that nipple debate?) at the same as the Scandi trend for "hygge" (that's all things cosy and snuggly and happy-making) gain momentum. Athleisure has provided us with a glorious amount of stretchy day-to-day comfort, but corsetry has been the backbone of the most directional accessories-lovers. Sky-high heels were many a designer's firm take on what's hot now, but never before have sneakers and flats sales been so strong. Confused? Don't be. We're in the midst of an everything-is-everything period, where one day you can as sporty as Sporty Spice in a boxing class, or as ladylike as an eccentric dame the next. 

So keep reading to see what the biggest shopping trends of 2016 have been—and see how many you ticked off!