2015's Most Incredible Red Carpet Dresses

There's nothing more evocative than a look back at the last 12 months in a snapshot of clothing history! Where else better to look than the red carpet for a barometer of our times? After all, it's where all the cutting edge trends, next season's garms, and the world's most daredevil trendsetters try out new styles and road test fashion ideas; albeit to great risk and even greater reward.

To commend 2015's most striking and go-getter clothes horses, from Diana Kruger to RiRi, Cara and Kendall… We look at some of the hottest red carpet moments that made us applause at our desks, whoop (uncharacteristically, as this is a past time we left way back when) or simply made our jaws drop.

Scroll down to see our top 15 favourite red carpet dress moments of 2015!


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