The 2005 Fashion Trends No One Wants to Revisit Anytime Soon

Yes, 2005 was a funny time for fashion. If you look back at celebrity photos from that era, you'll probably think of one word in particular: boho. There were many looks that came out of 2005, but the dishevelled, I-just-threw-this-on-and-didn't-brush-my-hair vibe really came into its own. It was cool to not care—even if you spent half an hour perfecting your bedhead. As always, it was the A-list who blazed the trail and served as a source of sartorial inspiration.

From a tiny waistcoat (as seen on Kate Moss at 2005's Glastonbury) to Sienna Miller's love of a low-slung belt (come on, we know you had at least three of those), there were some frontrunners that everyone wore that year, even in fashion's darkest corners. If you're still not convinced, we suggest you keep scrolling and look through our list of the five items you definitely owned in 2005.