The Surprising Trend That's Staging a Comeback

The early 2000s weren’t just defined by Britney Spears’s abs, Dawson’s Creek, Abercrombie & Fitch logos, and the sounds of Blink-182, as important as those pop culture pillars were. They were defined by a distinctive set of trends that evolved from the grunge and minimalism of the ’90s. It was a sartorially colourful, expressive decade that wasn’t as reliant on past trends as the decade we’re in now. The trends of the early 2000s have the benefit of still being fresh in our minds, while producing major nostalgia factor; after all, every millennial wore them the first time around. And as the cycle of fashion goes, there are a plethora of trends already coming back—as evidenced by the S/S 16 runways and recent celebrity looks that are clearly influenced by the decade (see Rihanna). While there are certainly popular styles from the decade that we hope won’t be back (ahem, flip-flops and pocketless jeans), there are a few that 2016 is already welcoming with open arms.

Keep scrolling to shop modern versions of early-2000s trends and to see which stylish celebrities have proven their recent resurgence.

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