How to Do the 1980s Trend: From Shoulder Pads to Clip-On Earrings

Let's not beat around the bush: 1980s fashion trends, in general, have a pretty bad rep. But after more than three decades in style Siberia, all signs now point towards the decade that time forgot making a genuine comeback—one that you can actually introduce into your wardrobe without the fear of looking fancy-dress or pastiche. 

The '80s were about excess and so are the A/W 16 runways. The new season is all about getting dressed up and indulging in every kind of sartorial razzmatazz—a concept that's been given the double thumbs-up by the likes of Saint Laurent, Balmain and Moschino. More casual takes on the '80s have also been reinterpreted by other commercially influential brands such as Isabel Marant and Topshop Unique.

So could you be persuaded? We think when you look at how the trends are being adopted by the coolest street stylers already, it's surprisingly easy to see that key fashion moments from the '80s can be taken apart and used to powerful effect.

Go through the gallery to see the 10 revamped '80s fashion trends we believe in, plus tips on how to wear them now, with the addition of where to buy these key pieces today…