Has Zara Just Created the Most Instagram-Ready Shoes Ever?

Hannah Almassi

We all know Zara can jump on a trend in the blink of an eye, but every now and then, the e-tailer actually sets the agenda first. Case in point? Right now, it’s selling a pair of shoes we predict will soon become a favorite on Instagram. Successful shoefies require a few things: They need to make your legs look long, they've got to slim your ankles, and they must be comfortable enough to gad about in. Any fashion insider can spot a "taxi" shoe a mile off, and these days, it's just not hip to hobble about.

Secondly, you'll need a footwear choice that has a talking point or some obvious validity as to why it's being photographed: A snap of a simple pair of court shoes sounds rather boring, doesn't it? That's why prints, embellishment, unusual heel shapes and bright colours work so well. Just think of the craziness that ensues when anyone posts these Minnie Mouse heels. Thirdly, there are brownie points to be won if the shoes are actually affordable. That's why the M&S range never really stays a secret for long and why plenty of fashion fans unashamedly snap up Zara shoes on the regular.

We believe the below shoes, as modelled so expertly by Camille Charrière, are where this holy retail trinity comes together, and we're starting to see them pop up all over our feeds.

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