Yeezy Season 4: We've Cleared Up Everything You're Confused About

Hannah Almassi

Are you confused by what exactly Kanye West's fashion line, Yeezy, actually is? We'd understand if your answer is yes. Some of you may hear Yeezy and the sell-out sneakers come to mind. Some of you will presume it's simply an ongoing collaboration with Adidas. Many of you will know it for the paparazzi-crazed frenzy his epic staged shows produce, or the classic moment when North West and Anna Wintour were seated together on the FROW. I recall being at the first season's show back in the February of 2015 (privy to the aforementioned FROW-ment). Now we're on to collection number four, and I'm starting to unravel the reality, purpose and significance of what Mr. West has plotted out for your wardrobe (if not life). He is a mysterious dichotomy of a character at the best of times, so it's understandable that the music maestro's fashion foray wouldn't be any more obvious.

So, from yesterday's spectacle in NYC's Roosevelt Island (an abandoned smallpox hospital, to be precise), we clear up any questions you may have…

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