Here's How to Dress for a Winter Wedding and Not Get Frostbite

Elinor Block

Winter nuptials pose many a problem for the wedding guest. But what is the correct sort of outfit? While they seem all kinds of romantic, with the thought of white swans and ice sculptures, not to mention the mistletoe, it's hardly like you can pull out your trusty wedding-guest dress that you've worn for all those summer weddings. No, a winter wedding is a different affair altogether.



But don't panic. Try one of our box-fresh ensembles that tread the line between not upstaging the bride and being striking enough so you unanimously win the votes for best dressed guest. Not only that, but we've compiled nine fail-safe rules for dressing for winter weddings. Even better is that you probably already own plenty of these pieces, so you don't need to go buy a whole new outfit.

Keep scrolling for our nine rules for winter wedding outfits and to shop the key pieces you need.

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