The Best Yoga Kit, According to Yogis Who Do It Every Day

by Hayley Spencer

The athleisure trend, and specifically yoga pants, has been having a fashion moment this year, so there are a ton of cool pairs to choose from. But any yoga fan can attest to the fact that the pairs that look great for a brunch date worn with a cosy jumper à la Kendall or Gigi, aren't always the same as the pants that are comfy and flattering enough to help you nail an actual class—or last through months of practice. If you've ever done a downward dog with a baggy tee falling over your face or felt self-conscious in badly fitting pants while your butt is poised in the air, you'll know how important a great kit is. So what should you be looking for in great yoga clothes?

Andy Kobelinsky, who runs classes at The Refinery, Frame and Indaba, says that whatever level you're at, the rule of thumb when choosing your kit is that it should make you feel "free to move and sexy." Your pants and top should skim and pull you in in the right places. Emily-Clare Hill, co-founder of Mudra Yoga London, says she loves "leggings that I feel lifted in and secure—always a high-rise. In terms of a top, I recommend looking for breathable fabrics that are comfortable." Tees can get in the way of your movements, so if you prefer more coverage, then try a vest with fitted straps and looser body or go for a longer-line bra and high-waisted pants. "A discreet pattern that I can go from street to studio in and still feel good in is a bonus," she adds.


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For high-quality, lasting styles, Andy suggests spending about £70 on your leggings and up to £45 on a top. "If you only buy one thing, make it a pair of Lululemon Wunder Under leggings. Lululemon makes pieces that fit amazingly, and its leggings give you the best bum." For colourful statement pieces, Andy recommends Aussie brand Lu'rv and U.S. label K-Deer. Whatever your style, click through the gallery below for our edit of the best pieces to wear to yoga.

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