What to Wear to Brunch: 13 Style Bloggers and Their Weekend Winners

Hannah Almassi

What to wear for brunch? Well, over the years, we've enjoyed our fair share of lazy, late breakfasts with friends and have learnt a few things:

1. You can never make too much of an effort. There's something truly enjoyable about shaking off your work clothes and debuting something new or different for the weekend.

2. One must be sensible. Super-tight dresses are not your friend. Give yourself some breathing space, and opt for looser fits that are comfortable to eat and sit down in for a good few hours of gossip.

3. That extends to footwear. Unless you're a hardcore high-heel lover who can last all day long on a regular basis, it's best to opt for flats or comfortable midi pumps because you don't know where the day could take you.

Those are the three brunch fashion rules we live by, but what about our favourite bloggers? It looks like they're on track with our thoughts—peppering these ideas with cosy statement knits, comfy flat boots, bright outerwear and slinky dresses for layering. Go through the gallery to see some pitch-perfect looks and shop items for your next brunch outfit.

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