What to Wear to an Interview: 9 Looks to Score Your Dream Job

Hannah Almassi

What to wear to an interview? We’ve done our fair share of discussing the perfect outfit for the job (even down to the intricacies of what kind of hair do one should adopt), and while we feel like we’ve provided some helpful advice along the way, it’s also fair to say that there really is no set-in-stone rulebook for this kind of thing.

Inspired by street style’s coolest women—and armed with some excellent industry advice—we have laid out four different outfits to demonstrate dress code perfection for different types of interviews, from formal to chill. Basically, anything that could end up in a dream job offer will be benefitted by a confidence-boosting, personality-showcasing ensemble. No rush jobs or last-minute sweat-patch nightmares here.

Pinstripes and a portfolio clutch always work a dream—this bag is from Lipault Paris.

To undergird these pitch-perfect interview outfit ideas, we included some exclusive tips from big names like Marie Claire U.S. Creative Director Nina Garcia and Who What Wear’s own co-founders, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, to find out what you should and should definitely not wear to an interview.

Scroll down for your guide on what to wear to an interview now…

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