7 Small Spring Fashion Updates That Make a Big Difference

Hannah Almassi

Spring has officially sprung, but what to wear for it? We'll be damned if we spend a minute more in sombre winter coats and tired-out woollen scarves. For starters, there's our big shakedown of the S/S 17 trends you can mull over for high-fashion inspiration, but we are aware that before such advanced outfit stages, a few practical micro-tweaks can be made so you feel up to speed. From the achievable level of bare-leg exposure (we're not ready for full thigh at this stage, are you?) to the simple coat switch you can employ for instant warmer-weather power, we've worked out the seven easy moves a girl can make to shift into gear right now.

Keep reading to see what you should ditch ASAP, and what you should wear instead.

Next up, the 2017 ankle boot trends we're excited about.

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