Your Complete Guide to the Shoes That Are Perfect With Skinny Jeans

by Olivia Lidbury

They’re a wardrobe staple—a second skin (often quite literally)—yet from time to time, our skinny jeans throw us a sartorial curveball when it comes to which shoes to pair them with. There’s not much in the footwear department that doesn’t go with a spray-on silhouette, but sometimes it’s the wash of the denim and the height of the heel that can make all the difference. A little turn-up here and a lighter shade there can take you from outfit frustration to outfit success. How do we know this? Because one look at some of the most stylish women out there revealed as much. From the queen of skinny jeans, Kate Moss (who must sleep in hers), to Emily Ratajkowski, we’ve scanned their best looks for the ultimate skinny-jean recipes.

Scroll down for your complete guide to what shoes to wear with skinny jeans.

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Opening Images: Style du Monde

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