Buy These Pretty Dresses Now, and You Won't Regret It Come Wedding Season

The best wedding guest dresses are now something we search for each and every month of the year. After all, the matrimonial schedule never stops, and we can understand why it's a big deal to locate the ultimate frock for the big day. Choosing an outfit for such an important event is one of the most high-pressure wardrobe situations a woman will find herself in all year. Who will be there? Will you be caught off-guard in a candid snap? What about the pictures that last forever and ever in everyone's photo albums? And then there's what you really want to opt for, in your heart of hearts. Lace? Pastels? Florals? Designer? High street? So many options. That's not to even mention choices other than dresses (of which there are many… but we won't go there here).


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Sometimes the answer comes in the form of an elevated, beautiful gown that wins in one swish of a hem. We start thinking about dresses as soon as the invitations come in and think it's never too early to start planning for a summer wedding. We've scoured the latest collections to bring you a fashion editor's selection of the greatest new-season pieces to invest in, be it for a ceremony on a beach, in a city or nestled in a country retreat. Click through to see the dresses you can wear (and wow with) on repeat.

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