13 Steps to an Easy Wardrobe Cleanse, According to an Expert

Hannah Almassi

Now is a very powerful (and practical) time to action that long overdue closet clear-out you meant to do in, like, 2013, but got distracted by back-to-back episodes of Game of Thrones or the things that Alexa Chung can do with her extensive sweater collection. It’s fair, we’ve all fallen into a box set–shaped hole or two, but to help you harness this efficacious time to your best sartorial advantage, we have called upon London-based style consultant and wardrobe organiser extraordinaire, Oriona Robb. With more 16 years experience in the fashion industry and a roll call of seriously busy, powerful women on her books, she has discovered the kind of top tips that will not only surprise you but easily help you out, too. This is a woman who genuinely believes that a smaller wardrobe is a greater wardrobe—so we are all ears.

Scroll down to get her key pointers and essential buys, and then mark a day in your diary to start the overhaul.

To learn more about Oriona Robb and the services she offers—from wardrobe detoxes through to detailed colour profiling—be sure to check out her website, OrionaRobb.com.

Opening Images: Style du Monde

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