What It's Like to Be a Victoria's Secret Angel, by Leomie Anderson

Leomie Anderson

Ahead of the UK airing tonight on 4Music, we caught up with our fashion contributor and bona fide Victoria's Secret girl—she received her Angel wings for the first time this year, despite only starting her VS journey not so long ago—Leomie Anderson. Our columnist takes us behind the scenes of the most extravagant show on earth—from a special Lady Gaga moment on stage to what happens after the after-party…

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gets better each time you do it, to be honest! When you've had a taste of doing the show, you work even harder for it and are even more grateful to get it so it felt amazing to be able to represent London again. 

The energy backstage between the girls and the team is really electric; it's literally the biggest high and you feel so happy to share that moment with everyone. Then it gets even better because you get to share the moment again with everyone who watches. It's really a one-of-a-kind experience.

Go through my personal photo diary to see what it's like…

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