I Always Get Compliments on This £10 T-Shirt I Bought to Sleep In

Emma Spedding

This has been the summer of the slogan T-Shirt, but when it comes to my own tee collection, there is one that always gets the most compliments. Surprisingly, it's a £10 top I bought to sleep in. Tourist holiday T-shirts—the kind you buy in irony from novelty stores—might sound a little naff, but Balenciaga just gave them the thumbs up with the release of an oversize T-shirt with a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night—the type of tee you would buy from a stand next to the landmark.

I bought a similar tee from Rome back in 2011 as a souvenir from my trip, with no intention of wearing it out of the house, but it turns out that this is a piece that people fuss over the most. The Instagram set has also been tapping into this trend, with Linda Tol, Tamu McPherson and more wearing their travels on their chests. Scroll below to see how to wear a tourist tee, and then shop three of our favourites.

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