The Secrets Behind Topshop's Coolest Employees' Wardrobes

Hannah Almassi

Type in the coordinates of Topshop's luxe personal styling hubs, and we are certain Google maps would provide you with a shot of impeccably dressed girls lined up and ready for action. These are the fashion gatekeepers of our high street's jewel in the crown—if any one group of well-dressed women could know the ins and outs of this store's inner sanctum, or spot a great new outfit tweak from 50 paces, it's this one. That's precisely why we tracked down the country's most stylish personal stylists from Topshop and assembled them in London to find out their secrets… as well as capture their latest favourite outfits IRL while we were at it.

So without further ado, prepare to discover the coolest new-in Topshop pieces and the tips and tricks these experts have to offer. Keep reading to see how the popular PS girls ace their looks each day without fail…

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