What to Wear to a Summer Wedding If You Think Floral Dresses Are the Worst

Elinor Block

The decision about what to wear to a summer wedding is tough. Partly because every time I watch Miranda Priestly witheringly dismiss florals in The Devil Wears Prada, I feel her pain. Immediately, I'm transported back to every wedding I've ever been to and remember the frustration of trying to select an outfit that said "wedding guest" but didn't include my sartorial nemesis—florals.

I'm sure it's not usual to feel rage when I see flower prints on dresses, but it makes me look so old. In fact, I may as well stash a bag of Werther's Original sweets in my purse and be done with it. Plus, there are far more exciting outfit ideas for attending someone's nuptials. 

So what are the alternatives? Well, for starters there's the jumpsuit—one of my personal favourite looks. At a destination wedding last year in the south of France, I wore a blue ASOS jumpsuit, a white Zara jacket, and my favourite pair of barely-there gold heels. The result was a look that was still wedding-friendly but didn't make me feel like a frump.

However, while I might be having an ongoing love affair with the jumpsuit, not everyone is so inclined. But other outfit ideas for a wedding could be as easy as throwing a statement jacket over a simple maxi, or pairing a showy trouser with a basic T-shirt. And if you really want to go for a dress, then make sure to opt for one in a block colour or an interesting cut. 

Keep scrolling to shop wedding guest outfit ideas for when you hate florals. 

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