The Only Bag Styles Worth Investing in This Summer

by Olivia Lidbury

If years were named by handbags (imagine!), 2017 would undoubtedly be the year of the basket bag. Be it circular or structured, made from bamboo or straw, there’s a style to suit everyone, and you needn’t be anywhere near a beach to step out with one. Even Pinterest is reporting that pins of straw bag styles have risen 125% year on year, making the trend a clear winner.

But there are other types of bags vying for our attention this summer—and best of all, they’re pretty reasonably priced. Like packing away your woolly jumpers into boxes with a few mothballs for company, there’s something indescribably satisfying about switching up a dark, leather handbag for something lighter and brighter.

When it comes to 2017’s handbag champion runners-up, there’s the embellished artisanal-style clutch, which isn’t as dressy as its wintry counterpart and can transform even the simplest of summer outfits. Then there’s the novelty-shaped bag, which was made for Instagramming and has no rules (except the stranger the better).

On opposing ends of the spectrum, those who like their arm candy to be more ladylike should invest in the metal-ring handle styles first made popular by Simon Miller, while those yearning for a summer holiday can capture some of that magic by carrying a market shopper.

You don’t want to invest too much in what’s essentially going to be a fling, and the good news is that you don’t have to. Scroll through the gallery below to shop the only key trends you need to carry this summer.

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