10 Things All Insanely Stylish People Secretly Do

Hannah Almassi

Ever wonder why some girls always look effortlessly pulled-together and, as a result, a tad more stylish than you? Some might describe it as the very definition of je ne sais quoi, but we’re not completely sold. For such awesomeness to simply run in a chain of DNA simply isn't fair, or logical. They must all have something else in common, right?

Team Who What Wear has put our heads together in order to wheedle out the common threads that everyone we know who is super stylish appears to master. And good news: There is a system one can employ and it’s down to a unique set of styling secrets. Today (and forevermore, as and when they change), we'll share the golden information with you. From simple outfit tricks to keeping your investments in tip-top condition, here are 10 things all stylish people do to remain on top of the fashion game. 

Go through the gallery to uncover these now not-so-mystical factors that these stylish women all do.

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