19 Outfits to Make You Obsessed With This German Fashion Blogger

Hannah Almassi

If you're ever in a style rut, take our tack: Look up Maja Wyh and find some completely fresh outfit inspiration. Maybe it's the noticeable change in the weather, but this week we've really been poring over the virtual pages of the German digital influencer's blog. She's a maestro at messy. A whizz in artfully layering her wardrobe. A cool hunter when it comes to new labels. Maja wears her clothes big and baggy, balanced out with tube skirts underneath and spindly heels. That (enviably good) bag lady approach to dressing is something we could no doubt take a tip from this weekend—maybe last night's clothes on the floor could look good again after all…

There's something about Miss Wyh that reminds us of a long-lost European Olsen sister, and with her artistic style snaps (she'll document her looks anywhere and everywhere—art gallery to launderette) and mussed up 'do, her aesthetic truly stands out in a very saturated marketplace.

Scroll down to get her latest outfit ideas, and then shop the easy-peasy pieces to nail the look for yourself…

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