8 Timeless Stevie Nicks Outfits We'd Still Wear Today (and Not for Fancy Dress)

Elinor Block

Stevie Nicks's style has always garnered a lot of attention—and for good reason. As the frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac, she has been renowned for her unique dress sense, which has pretty much remained the same over the past 42 years. The oversized, fringed pieces she still wears today—be it a blouse, a shawl or a dress—are synonymous with Nicks.

Her influence can still be felt in the pop culture world (see American Horror Story's Coven or the fact that she's just dropped a single with Lana Del Rey for proof), and her signature style is equally never far away from fashion circles. Over the past couple of years, boho has established itself as something of a constant in many wardrobes with kimonos, Victoriana blouses and bohemian midi dresses. Many of the details she's been wearing for decades are now items we could imagine ourselves wearing today. Keep scrolling to see eight Stevie Nicks looks we'd still wear today (and not for fancy dress)…

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