No Denying It: These Are the 20 Most Slimming Dresses You Will Ever Buy

by Cherry Collins

With all those social engagements cropping up on the calendar—an after-work drink here, a friends' dinner there—the pressure is on to always look your best. But if you're anything like us, since it became much colder, we've found that our healthy eating and workout schedule has gotten a little lax… Let's be completely candid here: The new year reset isn't quite going to plan, and we'd much rather have our fashion work that little bit harder for us.

Allow us to introduce you to the wonder of the slimming dress. We've spoken previously about our love for dresses, but these guys will work even harder, no matter what your shape or size, as it's all about knowing which cut to go for. Go through the gallery below to find your most slimming dress style.

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