In 2018, This Accessory Trend Will Be Bigger Than the Basket Bag

Emma Spedding

When we first saw the seashell necklaces on the runway at Prada back in February, we'll admit we were a little dubious. Pukka shells are surely a little too "Luke in The OC" to become high fashion, right? But remember Miuccia Prada is the lady who has brought back cardigans and brown corduroy and has made corset belts a thing, so here we are one year later telling you that shells are about to be the biggest accessory trend for spring and have officially graduated from their '00s surfer past. has declared shells one of the top trends for the retailer next season, and the influential likes of Leandra Medine and Alexa Chung have already been stringing them around their necks.

The key to wearing shells in 2018 is to avoid anything cheap or plastic-looking. You want delicate, expensive-looking shells either in gold or silver—we love Miu Miu's silver necklaces and Isabel Marant's delicate gold shell earrings. By next June, this will be all over your Instagram feed, just like the basket bag was this summer, and there are a number of under-the-radar designers who are driving this trend.

Leandra Medine and Kate Foley have both been wearing "concha crab" gold necklaces by one of the latest brands to take off on Instagram, Tohum. "I have been working with various natural materials since I founded my brand, and shells have been always fascinating for me," the designer Verda Alaton explains to Who What Wear UK. "This year I wanted to gold plate them to bring out the feminine beauty and the positive, warming spirit in them. I am also a devoted traveller to Africa, particularly West Africa, where cowrie shells are believed to be a symbol of prosperity and good luck. I find them intriguing—to me, they are amazing designs of nature." Keep scrolling to see and shop our most-wanted shell pieces.

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