These 15 Printed Bridesmaids Dresses Buck All Wedding Traditions

Elinor Block

While the plain pastels of pink, blue, and green are lovely, printed bridesmaid dresses are having a moment. According to Pinterest, there's been a 50% increase in their popularity, and we all know how this platform leads the charge when it comes to wedding trends. We can understand why this is a growing option: Not only do they make a bridal party look more interesting (goodbye, cookie-cutter wedding pictures), but they're usually way more useable post-nuptials, meaning bridesmaids can get more wear out of them (very useful when considering just how expensive it can be).

There is, of course, a careful balancing act to make when considering the printed dress. Ultimately, the bridesmaid is there to help the bride on her big day, not show her up in a standout dress that makes the wedding gown appear insignificant. Fortunately, there are plenty of frocks that will work to complement the bride, as well as keep the crew happy.

Natasha Ndlovu wearing a pretty Zimmermann dress.

We've hunted down many different styles from maxis to minis, as well as off-the-shoulder and long-sleeved dresses that will serve any type of bride and her desired look for the day. So whether you've gone for a vintage style or something more modern, there's bound to be something that suits. Keep scrolling for 15 of the best printed bridesmaid dresses.

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