Phoebe Lettice Thompson: The London Girl We Want to Dress Like Now

by Hannah Almassi

Welcome to Girl on the Rise, where we interview and shoot up-and-coming talent in order to deliver to you the name to drop at every future watercooler moment, as well a few solid styling and shopping tricks along the way. Don't. Go. Anywhere.

Team Who What Wear is quite fussy about who they follow on Instagram, but if there's one under-the-radar Brit girl we all turn to time and again when on the hunt for a truly eclectic outfit or two, it's Phoebe Lettice Thompson. She's the London fashion insider with more strings to her bow than even the most competitive slash-generational—photographer, stylist, creative whiz, It girl, the list goes on—and her no-holds-barred approach to getting dressed in an assortment of eclectic garms has frequently piqued our interest on Instagram.

Over on her 139k-strong account, you'll find she can pull off a tracksuit with glossy aplomb (it must be down to that long golden hair!) as easily as she can do kawaii kook in Tokyo without breaking into a cheesy peace-sign pose. Thompson's getting-ready process is no more than a gut feeling combined with something probably being rescued from her bedroom floor, she tells me. In fact, the cute cricket sweater she wore on set before our shoot can be traced back to that holy fashion place. Even her "Instagramming" cat, Dracula, has a charmingly insouciant attitude to match.

Phoebe's day job is a varied one: For the most part she's leading the charge as the creative director of Illustrated People—a streetwear brand with cheeky slogan tees that have garnered a cult-like following. And as an example of the kind of work she also fits in on the side, Phoebe's currently busy styling rising music star Anne-Marie. Keep scrolling to explore our exclusive interview and shoot with Phoebe Lettice Thompson—aka the girl ticking all our boxes right now.

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