How to Dress for a Party When You're Not a Glitzy-Dress Kind of Girl

Hannah Almassi

Am I the only person who has a complete fashion meltdown every time party season emerges over the horizon? You'd think, for someone who works in the business of clothes (and spends a great deal of time hunting down the best party dresses, for example), that all ingenious after-dark answers would simply filter into my own (surely epic) festive wardrobe. Not so. And there are two reasons for this. 1) These days I find it hard to differentiate going-out clothes from going-to-work clothes. 2) I'm really not one for teeny-tiny frocks or the standard sequin-fest just because it's past 6 p.m. and there are mince pies around. So how can I get into my calendar's spirited schedule?

I discovered I'm not alone in finding this line hard to walk, but upon discussing the Who What Wear team's #partyoutfitstruggles, we realised one woman's weakness may be another woman's sartorial strength. Scared of short hemlines? Then we know a girl who has a great rule for getting it right. Think you can't wear jeans? Guess again. We did all agree on one thing, however: No fashion girl wants to look basic or predictable when it comes to fun times.

And so, 'twas our duty to step in, step up, and find some quality solutions once and for all. Off we popped to the West London concept store, The Shop at Bluebird, to raid the rails and find the kind of combinations we've long been searching for. The kind of holy-grail outfit ideas that feel easy to throw together pre-party, as well as providing you with pieces you can wear long after. Keep reading to see what the team's top picks and style tips are for cocktail hour…

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