34 Chic Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Hannah Almassi

Our love for French fashion runs deep, you know this. From the French fashion brands we have etched into our brains for all shopping trips—spontaneous or entirely planned—through to the Parisian women we are partial to style-jacking on occasion, or even uncovering the way they peruse Zara's rails, we have an endlessly inquisitive nature when it comes to our European compatriots' approach to style. So when Paris Fashion Week comes around, you know there's incoming inspiration. Even the attendees from across the globe catch the Gallic bug, upping their style game in the most insouciant, dishevelled and sassy ways French women can claim as their own. An unbuttoning of a shirt here, a taking off of one out-there accessory there… 

The classic mantra could be boiled down to less is more—even when the most adventurous clothes are in question. Think of Carine Roitfeld in a daring see-through gown: Her hair and eyeliner will be mussed-up, and she'll be wearing the same stilettos she's had on all day. No tricky styling tweaks. No excess of accessories. No fussy additions to get in her way of having a moment de plaisir.

So, with that kind of welcome advice ringing in your ears, scroll through the gallery to see the chicest, simplest and easiest-to-copy street style looks from Paris Fashion Week now…

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