8 Street Style Looks That Justify Breaking the Fashion Rules

Hannah Almassi

It would appear that adverse conditions bring out the best styling tricks. Case in point: The current climes of New York City are by no means conducive to obvious outfit mastery. It's not possible to bare legs. It's not even really possible to bare your nose, let alone any other extremities. So just how are the fashion lot using this to their advantage? By breaking the rules. 

Layering that bandana scarf over a roll-neck, for example. Or by piling on two, three or four jackets so you become a (chic) walking, talking human duvet. Maybe it's the strange mash-ups like sparkling jewellery set against an all-terrain bomber that twinkle with the most promise. Keep scrolling to see all of the unexpected but highly applicable styling hacks you can steal today…

Which styling tricks get you through the winter? And will you try any of these? Let us know in the comments box below…

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