These 25 Dresses Are Perfect for New Year's Eve

Elinor Block

New Year's Eve. Some love it, some hate it. But whatever your feelings towards this event, we guarantee you'll want to find the perfect party dress for whatever festive 'do you're attending. So what are the rules for New Year's Eve party dresses? Similar to the Christmas variety, there's much more satin and sequin than the usual party attire. 




For us, we're keen to spend the last day of the year on a high wearing the gaudiest of dresses, and if that means we look a bit like we've had an accident with a pot of glitter, then so be it. However, that's not always for everyone so perhaps here's a rule that most can agree on: if it's a dress that makes you feel like dancing and singing Auld Lang Syne, then we suggest you buy it. 

To that end, we've hunted down some of the best New Year's Eve party dresses on the internet right now. From chic sheer gowns to velvet strapless creations, as well as plenty of sequined frocks, there's sure to be something for all. Click through our gallery below for 25 New Year's Eve dress suggestions and where to shop them.

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