6 Hot, Hot, Hot Brands That Are About to Rule Summer 2017

This summer, like any other, a number of new holiday-ready fashion brands have dominated our Instagram feeds (and our dream wardrobes). By no means are we ditching last year's wares, but who can deny the lure of the new when the sun comes out? From the basket bag purveyors who are tagged in every other picture to the off-the-shoulder silhouettes you can instantly credit to one designer, and one designer only, these now-cult resort wear labels have been taking over the style scene this season.

Whether you're on the hunt for a unique bikini your friends haven't tracked down yet or you're sold on the idea of an "Instagram hat" for your next poolside posing session (well, why not?), there's a hot brand waiting for you. They may be firm favourites among the style set, but you still won't see these relatively under-the-radar labels packed into every carry-on in Heathrow. Click through to see (and shop) this summer's defining holiday fashion brands.

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