Parisian Girls Will Not Be Buying Into This One Major Trend

Hannah Almassi

Such is our fascination, at this stage we know almost all there is to know about French fashion without moving out of the UK into Montmartre and officially changing our nationality. From the classic style rules we're convinced every stylish Parisian woman lives by to the French fashion brands and most stylish icons worth bookmarking, almost no Gallic stone has been left unturned. Heck, we even know what underwear they prefer and how they set about shopping at Zara.

But upon discovering the incredibly chic style of Marta Cygan—thanks to French luxury resale website Vestiaire Collective signing her up as part of its #VCBagStories project (where cool girls across the globe are talking about their most important handbag purchases)—we knew there was yet more to learn.


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The founder of the blog, Life of Boheme, Marta is a Polish Parisian who spends her time between Paris and L.A., snapping effortlessly cool outfits along the way and encouraging our love for Chanel on an almost hourly basis. So by this point, we know a lot about what French women do like wearing, buying or styling, but what about the things they avoid? Marta kindly shared some thoughts with us.

Keep reading to find out the style no-nos that a true Parisian would reveal.

Next up, the Victoria Beckham style tricks anyone can adopt.

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