5 Trends That Will Always Be Cool in London

Philippa Morgan Walker

Which trends are everlasting? It's a question fashion experts get asked season after season, but as certain looks enter and exit the runway faster than you can say Karl Lagerfeld, there are four trends that never fall out of favour with the best dressed in London town. As experimental as the British can be, we're just as partial to something we know functions well and looks fantastic doing the job—that is surely why we have so many excellent, long-standing heritage brands in this country, don't you think?

Such is the British spirit to rail against expectations; you won't be startled to find chic interpretations of punk on our list, but others may surprise you… like the retro decade that forever lives in Londoners' hearts, no matter the direction the runways may head. Scroll down for ideas on new ways to wear the Brit girl's most trusted trends of all time.

Next up, chic ideas for what to wear to a concert.

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