The 2017 Way to Layer Your Clothes

Emma Spedding

If the thought of layering clothes gives you flashbacks to being told to dress for school with the requisite "don't forget your coat," we promise you that piling it on has never been better. And it's especially practical when it comes to spring. As someone who is always cold, I'll say the changing weather can play havoc with what to wear every morning, which is why the layering trend is totally up our street. Also, if you get too warm, all you need to do is remove a piece or two.

We should also mention that we've long associated experimental layering with the Olsen twins during the mid-noughties—hiding from the paparazzi in mountains of bohemian fabrics and hefty coatigans—giving us more excuses for savvy spring layering.

To help, we've compiled 12 key layering tricks that will help you get more wear out of your existing favourites this season, as well as make you excited for introducing summer (yes, summer) pieces already. If there's one major tip we can give you? You'll find that one of the most versatile, long-wearing purchase is a black roll neck, but a bustier top and lightweight mac are also items to stock up on now.

See below for 12 new outfit formulas to make you excited about adding those extra layers this season.

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