10 Times Kylie Jenner's Style Has Genuinely Bowled Us Over This Year

Emma Spedding

Kylie Jenner is perhaps the most influential celebrity on the planet, as shown by the extraordinary hype surrounding her cosmetics collection and her ability to sell out lipsticks in mere minutes. But she's not only revolutionising beauty trends—this year, she has also changed the way many people dress.

Kylie constantly shares pictures of her outfits, as well as tours inside her extensive handbag and shoe wardrobes, on Instagram and Snapchat. Given she has a staggering 80.9 million followers on Instagram, it's not surprising these pictures quickly spark widespread trends. This year, she has been responsible for the return of Von Dutch caps, the popularity of the bodysuit and, of course, has contributed to the athleisure trend.

Click through the gallery to see 10 times that Kylie Jenner has seriously impressed us with her style this year, from custom red carpet gowns to a humble tracksuit…

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