I'm Not a Kardashian Follower, But This Sister's Wardrobe Is Actually Amazing

Emma Spedding

I never thought I'd believe that the Kardashians should have even more press coverage than they do, but bear with me. Here it goes: Why doesn't Kourtney Kardashian's style get more attention? Kim Kardashian West's, Kendall Jenner's and Kylie Jenner's every outfit has at least five online stories dedicated to them, and they have broken into the fashion industry as a result of magazine covers and partnerships. But Kourtney is doing something just as interesting (if not more) with her styling as any of the clan.

Over the past few months, Kourtney has seriously upped her game, graduating from her signature leopard print and Birkin bags to a more adventurous look that is still in keeping with the overall Kardashian aesthetic. She still opts for formfitting pieces, but she also plays with proportions and silhouettes, layering sweeping robe coats over jeans and mixing tight tops with exaggerated trousers.


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Her new style is thanks to a change in stylist, as earlier this year, the family stopped working with Monica Rose, who was key to creating the recognisable "Kardashian look." The sisters are now working with their own stylists, so instead of a uniform of nude body-cons, we are naturally seeing more of a difference between the sisters' wardrobes. Kendall is now being dressed by Beyoncé's stylist, Marni Senofonte, while Kim is working with Who What Wear columnist and Brit stylist Avigail Collins.

Kourtney is now working with stylist Dani Michelle, who says she has an "edgy approach to fashion." It's clear that she is encouraging Kourtney to shake things up and has introduced her to labels such as Off-White and Hellessy.

Scroll below to see some of Kourtney Kardashian's latest looks that deserve more attention.

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